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Stop. What is the shape of your thoughts right now?

Are your thoughts, and your mind, positioning “life” as an entity that you are moving towards, always 10 metres in front of you?  Trying to “manage it” when it arrives, waiting for the next thing it throws at you? Hoping optimistically that it will be a certain way, and will include certain things and conditions you’ve been waiting for?

Maybe, it’s not like that. Maybe, all the things, experiences, and states that you hope will meet you over there, are all your responsibility, that you have to stop wishing for, and start creating now.

The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Don’t be The Waiting Pig 😉  (this is a great book btw)

As the Beastie Boys so eloquently state:
“dip dip dive, so socialise, open your ears and clean out your eyes,
if you learn to love you’re in for a surprise
it could be nice to be alive”