Words from Lao Tzu

Value inner peace above all other desires.
If we have inner peace we will be content no matter how many possessions we have.
Be a good listener. Don’t always talk about yourself.
Don’t expect from other people. If you expect from other people you will be disappointed at some time.
Be willing to do things without demanding recognition.
It is only the ego that wants recognition.
Think of others more than you think of yourself.
Self-giving is the secret of happiness.
Avoid acting or speaking when angry or upset. If you wait your mood will improve and you will avoid regretting it later.
Be tolerant of others. People are trying in their own way to do the right thing.
Don’t try and do two things at once. If you are with someone, given them your whole attention.
Don’t try and impress others, there is no need.
~ Lao Tzu.


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